Christina Teruel was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC. She currently is pursuing her Studio Art M.F.A  with a concentration in Sculpture at Georgia State University. During her undergrad at Coastal Carolina University, she graduated with a dual degree in Studio Art and Graphic Design. She began to develop her studio education in metalsmithing and eventually evolved into working with contemporary and performance art. Brass, copper, found objects and video are general mediums she works in. Her pieces are inspired by social issues and first-hand experiences.

The most recent body of work explores communication and how that affects a relationship between two people. The connection can slowly dissipate through repetitive hollow gestures. In turn these gestures transform the affection into a meaningless habit. Verbal and physical forms of interaction become desensitized. Communication is lost. The pieces in this body are influenced by personal situations that started in her childhood and continued into the adult life. These instances are illustrated through a combination of found objects, embroidery and video performance.